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Monetary Reform Act

By Tracy R Twyman

From MoneyMasters.com and Patrick Cormack, the guy who created the Money Masters documentary in the 1990s explaining the fraudulent banking system. This is the proposed Monetary Reform Act, endorsed by the late Milton Friedman:

This proposed law would require banks to increase their reserves on deposits from the current 10%, to 100%, over a one-year period…. »

Article about the Federal Reserve I wrote for the school paper at age 15

By Tracy R Twyman

When I was 15 and going to Portland Community College, I wrote this article about the Federal Reserve for the school newspaper, The Bridge, now defunct, where I was the Opinion Page Editor.

I had caught onto the Fed scam when I interviewed a man running for Congress as an Independent. I can’t remember his name…. »

Communities circulate their own Ayn Rand-inspired currencies

By Tracy R Twyman

I was just talking a few days ago to my Facebook friends about how people should start circulating their own currencies in the US. As it turns out they are. From USA Today:

Communities print their own currency to keep cash flowing

Here’s a picture of the North Carolina “Plenty” note. Correct me if I’m wrong: Isn’t… »

World currency waiting in the wings after G20

By Tracy R Twyman

From the Telegraph:
“SDRs are Special Drawing Rights, a synthetic paper currency issued by the International Monetary Fund that has lain dormant for half a century.” …
The Russians had hoped their idea to develop SDRs as a full reserve currency to challenge the dollar would make its way on to the agenda, but at least they… »

The Tyrannicam: Personal Handheld Anti-Tyranny Device

When tyranny strikes, be ready to record and expose it.

Political Pink Slip Postcards: Fire Your Representatives!