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Greenbacks, Bimetallism and Mysticism

By Tracy R Twyman

We have already noted the metaphors of monetary policy in Frank L. Baum’s Wizard of Oz, who supported the issue of debt-free Greenbacks and the return of the money power to Congress. What I forgot to mention at the time was that Frank L. Baum was a member of the Theosophy movement of Helena Blavatsky…. »

Is fiat currency good or bad?

By Tracy R Twyman

The answer: no. It is neither. It is a powerful magical tool that, like the Holy Grail or the Spear of Destiny, can be used either for good or for evil. The same is true of gold and silver coin. What makes a certain type of money good or bad is who controls its flow… »

Banksters on Total Defense: Pro-Fed, Pro-Bank Propaganda Wave Unleashed

By Tracy R Twyman

We’re hitting a nerve! HR-1207, the Audit the Fed bill, now has 190 co-sponsors, so they’re sending out disinfo agents to convince you that the Federal Reserve System of legalized kleptocracy via fractional reserve lending is a good thing, and hiring a lobbyist to twist the arms of Congress. They know that auditing the Federal… »

Metaphors of monetary policy in The Wizard of Oz

By Tracy R Twyman

From USA Gold:

The Land of Oz is colorful, to say the least, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is replete with references to gold, silver, and green… The references to gold and silver echo the prominence of monetary politics in the 1890s, especially the bimetallic crusade led by Bryan and the Populists. Moreover, gold and… »

Why Did We Revolt?-The Banks vs. America

By Tracy R Twyman

This is another excerpt from my upcoming project, Ex Nihilo. Thank you so much for your financial contributions to the cause!

The true cause of the American Revolution against the British and King George III is rarely spoken of today. We all think about the Boston Tea Party, and the stamp act that imposed a sales… »

Chinese Vice Finance Minister Li Yong says dollar inflation at the root of the financial crisis

By Tracy R Twyman

From AFP:

“[A] flawed international monetary system is the institutional root cause of the crisis and a major defect in the current international economic governance structure.”

… We couldn’t agree… »

It’s a good thing we’re not just printing money …

By Tracy R Twyman

Take into account that this video was produced in December 2008.

At 3:07, here’s the best part:

“Before shifting from theory to evidence, we should quickly note that government could finance stimulus by printing money rather than borrowing. Thankfully, that option doesn’t seem to be on the table, since nearly all politicians now realize that it would… »

This is Slavery

By Tracy R Twyman

Buy Low, Sell High

By Tracy R. Twyman

Several of the people that I tried to get to go with me to the Tea Party said the same thing: They were sympathetic to the cause, but they didn’t feel it was their right to protest because they didn’t earn enough money to owe Federal income taxes.

Well,… »

“China has woken up. The West is a black hole…”

By Tracy R Twyman

From the Telegraph:

China’s State Reserves Bureau (SRB) has instead been buying copper and other industrial metals over recent months on a scale that appears to go beyond the usual rebuilding of stocks for commercial reasons.

Nobu Su, head of Taiwan’s TMT group, which ships commodities to China, said Beijing is trying to extricate itself from dollar… »

Bloomberg: Bailout Process a “scam”; destroying “democracy”; impending “Weimar Republic”

By Tracy R Twyman

Read the entire article, especially towards the end where they talk about how the Fed will have to start issuing it’s own securities so that they can buy out more of the American economy without having to ask for permission from Congress.

Some choice quotes:

“Here’s a sketch of how it works. Many financial institutions have… »

The Tyrannicam: Personal Handheld Anti-Tyranny Device

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