Everyone has something to say, a story to tell, information to relate, or a creation to show off. Authors, journalists, artists and photographers all want to share their gifts to the world in one of the most time-honored mediums: the printed book.

New technological advances now make it easy for anyone-absolutely anyone-to publish a bookóa real, physical, retail-quality bookó in a variety of sizes, in soft or hardcover format, with or without a book jacket, and even with full glossy color photos if desired. Your book will be available on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and in the Ingram distribution catalog used by bookstores throughout North America. These books can be available on the market within 3-4 weeks of submission of the finalized book to the printer.

But the best part is, you donít have to put out the money up front to print thousands of copies if you donít want to. And youíre never going to run out of copies either. New technologies allow you to print books exactly as often as the market demandsóno more, no less.


As these technologies have become available, a handful of companies have sprung up offering to facilitate this process. We have been working with these companies for several years. And we have noticed that these companies often make the process much harder than it needs to be. Even companies that promise to make it easier by doing all of the work for you actually make the process more difficult by denying their clients control.

The main problem with each of these companies is that they are huge bureaucracies that only allow their clients to communicate to them through one-way email systems. You submit a question through a contact form. A few days later, one of their staff members gets back to you with a form response that doesnít address your question. So you submit yet another question, and get another non-answer from yet another staff member. This can go on and on for weeks before even the simplest problem gets resolved. Some companies do give you a representative with a telephone number to contact, but we have found them to be unavailable most of the time, and negligent about returning phone calls. We have seen many of our colleagues become frustrated and give up because of these this.

In addition to the difficulty in communication, there are many complications involved with printing a book. Layout specs. Page numbers and headers. Cover design. Photo resizing and retouching. Barcodes and ISBN numbers. Printing companies seem to almost take delight in making these things seem incomprehensible. You may have already looked at such a companyís website or brochure, filled with incomprehensible industry jargon, and been scared off because of it.

Because of our years in the industry, we have learned how to navigate the bureaucracy and cut through the jargon. We understand the process and can make sure that your manuscript makes it seamlessly from a document on your computer to a book in peopleís hands.

Also, because we understand the absolute importance of communication, we make ourselves fully available to our clients. You can call us on the phone directly and, if you are within driving distance of our offices in Vancouver, WA, you can meet with us in person too. We give you the personal attention that you deserve, and work with you one-on-one to deliver exactly the service you need.


As a writer or artist, youíve probably already wasted years of your life submitting proposals to large publishing houses. And if youíve been rejected, itís more than likely that this has given you a negative outlook about the quality of your own work. But keep in mind that these companies routinely misestimate the appetites and desires of the book-buying public. Hundreds of best-selling books were rejected numerous times by large publishing houses before being independently published. Reasons why good books get rejected can include editorial prejudice about politics, religion, and personal bias against the author for any imaginable reason.

But don't let this discourage your ambitions. You can be free and independent. You donít have to do it the way itís always been done. And you donít need anyoneís approval.

We specialize in controversial subjects, so don't be shy! You will not be judged. You are among friends. Our editorial staff has worked with material of all sorts over the years, and treats all points of view with respect. When editing, we always aim to preserve as much as possible the original intent of the author, and use the editorial process to elucidate this intent.

Writing about controversial subjects can be a tricky thing. Are there some things you just shouldnít say? Is there a better way of saying it? We can advise you on these matters, leaving the final judgment, of course, up to you. (Note: Legal restrictions on sexual material involving minors and copyrighted material that does not belong to you obviously still apply.)


Donít wait for someone at a publishing house to get around to thinking about it. Put your book out now!

Thousands of signed authors are disappointed every year to find their time wasted when large publishing houses renege on their publishing plans at the last minute. Sometimes the author even loses the right to publish his or her book somewhere else! The time wasted could have been better spent promoting their books in the media, if the authors had chosen to publish independently.

Are you ready to launch your writing career into high gear? Then don't procrastinate! Contact us by writing to tracy@quintessentialpublications.com immediately and get started today! We will get back to you within 48 hours to discuss your project and start plotting your course for success.