Tracy R. Twyman interviewed on Binnall of America

By Tracy R Twyman

Click here to listen to me and Tim Binnall talking about just about everything:

One Response to “Tracy R. Twyman interviewed on Binnall of America”

  1. Tal Cohen

    Really liked the interview! Listening to you talk is like hearing the sole voice of reason in a cacophony of mendacity and inanity (not to mention insanity!). I really appreciate your deep-thinking discourse, but especially your awe-inspiring intellectual honesty and probity, unyielding and tenacious in the face of intellectual terrorism perpetrated by the Jihadists and their enablers.

    Your insight on 9/11 is very similar to mine - there was definitely a major government oversight going back years prior to the disaster, and because jobs in the CIA and FBI (and in many other federal entities) were at stake, they took a policy of skin-deep inquiry and investigation. None of that delirious “truthers” (more like deniers) hogwash.

    Kudos to you Tracy to and your husband!


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