Public anger after video surfaces of police shooting 2 dogs in front of their family for no reason

May 10, 2010
By Tracy R Twyman

The reason why this is in the news is because it was caught on video. But this happens every day in America, and often the victims are completely innocent, as this Botched Drug Raid map from the CATO institute proves.

The police always shoot the dogs, no matter how small and unthreatening they are, even when they are already tied up or in a cage. I think it’s like the poodles and chihuahuas that pit bull fighter dogs are trained on. Cops are encouraged to shoot the animals first thing so that they will get a taste of blood, get that adrenaline up so that they will stay in “war mode” throughout the entire raid. In fact, I think the raids themselves serve that purpose too: keep the cops in “war mode” throughout their entire careers.

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