The Invisible Hand Episode 7: Interview with Karl Denninger of Market Ticker

May 10, 2010
By Tracy R Twyman

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This episode of The Invisible Hand features my recent interview with Karl Denninger of The Market Ticker. In it he reveals the astonishing fact that during the 6-minute crash and rebound on May 6, 2010, brokerages were illegally shutting down trades with the New York Stock Exchange and going to other exchanges for trades instead, but giving their customers the NYSE-quoted price for shares (The NBBO or “National Best Bid and Offer”) and then pocketing the difference. He openly questions whether this has been going on for the last 5-10 years without anybody ever noticing. (To see a YouTube video that includes this portion of the interview, as well as a transcript of it, click here.)

In this program I also talk about the following topics:

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