Tracy R. Twyman on the Odyssey show with Mike Schultz

By Tracy R Twyman

I am the Odyssey cable show this month and next being interviewed by Mike Schultz. There are two episodes. They can be viewed at the following times on the following channels on cable in the Portland, Oregon area.

First Episode:

Monday 7/13/2009, 11:30 PM, Channel 11
Wednesday 7/15/2009, 4:00 PM, Channel 23
Friday 7/17/2009, 3:00 PM, Channel 22

Second episode:

Monday… »

Tracy R. Twyman on the Spooks R Us Radio Show

By Tracy R Twyman

Tracy R. Twyman will be on the “Spooks R Us” radio show tonight, July 6 2009, at 7 pm… »

Tracy R. Twyman on WRJN with Alan Eisenberg

By Tracy R Twyman

They finally posted a podcast of the interview I did two weeks ago on WRJN in Wisconsin with Alan Eisenberg. It’s in two parts: PART 1

And PART 2 (which is also, incorrectly, labeled “Part 1″ on the station’s… »

Tracy R. Twyman interviewed on Binnall of America

By Tracy R Twyman

Click here to listen to me and Tim Binnall talking about just about everything:

Economics and monetary policy, the Federal Reserve, etc.
Tyranny, oppression, censorship, police state
Project Monarch, the CIA and mind-controlled sex slaves
The Merovingians and the Grail bloodline
The lunar calendar, the Garden of Eden, and the Golden Age of the gods.

Tracy Twyman on Coast to Coast-Listen on YouTube!

By Tracy R Twyman

Someone has posted my latest Coast to Coast interview on YouTube
Episodes… »

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