Old banknote featuring Mercury and a cornucopia

By Tracy R Twyman

From the book A Nation of Counterfeiters by Stephen Mihm:

For more on the symbolism of numismatic iconography and the alchemy of money, read Solomon’s Treasure: The Magic and Mystery of America’s Money by Tracy R…. »

Disturbing INWO card from the 90s predicted Pentagon attack on 9/11

By Tracy R Twyman

I came across my old deck of Illuminati New World Order cards (from the game issued by the Steve Jackson company in the 1990s). This one was rather disturbing.

Some other cards in the… »

The Ballad of the Kleptocrat

By Tracy R Twyman

Boomtown Rats: Looking After #1

The world owes me a living
I’ve waited on this dole queue too long
I’ve been standin’ in the rain for fifteen minutes
That’s a quarter of an hour too long.

I’ll take all they can give me
And then I’m gonna ask for more
Cos the money’s buried deep in the Bank of England
And I want… »

Kleptocrat: Indigenous to New England. Eats green shoots and leaves

By Tracy R Twyman

Submitted by Rich N… »


By Tracy R Twyman

Submitted by Rich N… »

Al Buraq Obama

By Tracy R Twyman

Barack Obama in the guise of his namesake, Al Buraq, the magical winged horse that Mohammed rode on his “Night Journey” to the Temple Mount. Photoshop by Brian… »

Tea Party Review (+ Help Us ID the Saboteurs!)

By Tracy R Twyman

On April 15th of last week, the Editors of Liberty Cap Press headed down to Pioneer Courthouse Square, “the City’s Livingroom,” to attend Portland, Oregon’s “Tax Day Tea Party,” taking place on the same day as over 1000 others throughout the United States.

The Oregonian reported that there were only 1000 people there. I think it… »

(UPDATED) Portland Oregon Tea Party Pictures 4/15/2009

By wermyapl


The Tyrannicam: Personal Handheld Anti-Tyranny Device

When tyranny strikes, be ready to record and expose it.

Political Pink Slip Postcards: Fire Your Representatives!