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Military “spy planes” used to catch Times Square Bomber?

By Tracy R Twyman

Wired’s Danger Room reports that, possibly, secret military spy planes used to find wannabe Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad.” But the government says otherwise:

Benjamin C. Rhodes, the deputy national security adviser for strategic communications, tells The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder that “the actions described simply did not take place.”

The Posse Comitatus Act forbids the U.S. military… »

Pakistani man caught at airport with strange shoe device

By Tracy R Twyman

Shoe bomb or shoe phone? Faiz Mohammed says he bought them “from a market in Karachi and had no idea there were circuits hidden inside the soles.” Investigators think they’re “massage shoes.” But they’re keeping him in custody until they can be sure.

Read more:… »

Strangers sent by government to private homes; results in rape, theft, and murder

By Tracy R Twyman

In Indiana:

LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) – A volunteer Census worker who made his rounds earlier this week is now accused of returning to a physically handicapped woman’s home this weekend and beating her and raping her.

And in Texas:

HOUSTON—A man was killed and his family members beaten after three suspects barged into a north Houston home Saturday afternoon,… »

Daily Mail: Infertility epidemic could cause human extinction within a few generations

By Tracy R Twyman

According to scientists quoted by the Daily Mail, overpopulation is the opposite of the problem we face.

One in five men could suffer from fertility problems…. »

Public anger after video surfaces of police shooting 2 dogs in front of their family for no reason

By Tracy R Twyman

The reason why this is in the news is because it was caught on video. But this happens every day in America, and often the… »

Strength through joy!

By Tracy R Twyman

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the real Love Police! You’re going to love your life whether you like it or not!

I went… »

Invisible Hand interview bombshell: Market Ticker’s Karl Denninger reveals brokerage scam skimming pennies on stock trades

By Tracy R Twyman

Market Ticker’s Karl Denninger dropped a bomb on The Invisible Hand this Saturday, revealing that during the 6-minute crash and rebound on May 6, 2010,… »

“Hole marshals” zap “belligerent” with stun gun

By Tracy R Twyman

I don’t think the golf fan is the one who’s acting belligerent here.

Also, I didn’t know there was such a thing “hole marshals”, much less… »

Newsflash: Ben Bernanke is a total jerk

By Tracy R Twyman

Thanks to him and his buddies, these kids have a slim chance of finding any job after school, much less a good-paying one, and they… »

SEC Said to Probe Causes, Exploitation of Stock-Market Turmoil

By Tracy R Twyman

May 7 (Bloomberg) — U.S. regulators plan to examine whether securities professionals triggered yesterday’s stock- market plunge or exploited the turmoil to profit illegally, two… »

Senate drop Fed audit after threats from Bernanke

By Tracy R Twyman

Financial terrorism, no doubt bolstered by yesterday’s manipulated market crash, has saved the Federal Reserve from an audit bill being passed in the Senate. This… »

FT: “Plunge in US equities remains a mystery”

By Tracy R Twyman

When the plunge came, traders said it was exacerbated by the rapid-fire computer systems that post prices and execute trades in microseconds. Such trading accounts… »

White House doesn’t rule out sabotage in market fluctuation

By Tracy R Twyman

President Barack Obama has not ruled out sabotage in the near-panic on Wall Street Thursday afternoon. 

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Obama’s economic team… »

Stock market acting “hinky”; Plunge Protection Team suspected, or mysterious “fat-finger”

By Tracy R Twyman

The stock market lost almost 1000 points at one point, before rebounding again to settle at about 350 points down from the previous day. Among… »

Swiss theologian calls Pope Benedict “mastermind” of global pedophile cover-up

By Tracy R Twyman

Swiss theologian Fr Hans Kung has written a furious letter to the Catholic bishops accusing the Pope of engineering the global cover-up.
“There is no denying… »

Pakistan Émigré in Connecticut Arrested as Times Square Bomber

By Tracy R Twyman

The FBI has arrested a 30-year old Bridgeport, Connecticut man in connection with the failed attempt to set off a car bomb in New York’s… »

Commercial real estate pushes $7.4 billion in FDIC Losses in one day

By Tracy R Twyman

The $3 trillion commercial real estate market is still in a state of economic turmoil.  Many people might have missed the big news on Friday… »

Baltimore Couple Arrested For Asking For Directions

By Tracy R Twyman

Read the whole thing and watch the video at WBAL.
Baltimore City police arrested a Virginia couple over the weekend after they asked an officer… »

Judge orders release of 9 Hutaree militia, says they were just using free speech

By Tracy R Twyman

The federal government’s case against the Hutaree militia, whom they attempted to set up with an elaborate plot involving an undercover provocateur posing as a… »

Doin’ a heckuva job, THAD!

By Tracy R Twyman

From NYT:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that she was changing the federal leadership of the oil spill operations. Adm. Thad W. Allen, the commandant… »

Momentum Mounts for Left-Right Coalition Against Fed Secrecy

By Tracy R Twyman

An unusual left-right coalition has formed against Wall Street and the White House in a fight for openness at the Federal Reserve.
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)… »

Pennsylvania Welfare Office Forces Teen to Have Late-Term Abortion

By Tracy R Twyman

A DEPARTMENT OF Human Services caseworker pressured a pregnant Mayfair teenager to undergo a late-term abortion by threatening to take away either her toddler or… »

Dead Man Walking: Taliban Leader Allegedly Killed Records New Video

By Tracy R Twyman

So once again the Coalition claimed to have killed a “bad guy” when in fact they didn’t. From the Daily Mail:

Two new videos from the… »

Seth McFarlane compares Arizona “Papers please” bill to Nazi Germany

By Tracy R Twyman

“It’s too much. It’s kind of a slap in the face, it’s not the way to handle it…Nobody but the Nazis ever asked anybody for… »

Christian preacher arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin

By Tracy R Twyman

Dale McAlpine was charged with causing “harassment, alarm or distress” after a homosexual police community support officer (PCSO) overheard him reciting a number of “sins”… »

“Jason Bourne”-like figure investigated for alleged “schemes” involving Federal Reserve

By Tracy R Twyman

This is a weird one. As reported by the Daily Mail:

Police are hunting a man who fled his high-rise Los Angeles penthouse ‘Jason Bourne style’… »

Justice Dept investigating JP Morgan

By Tracy R Twyman

Ted Butler from the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee has been told by people at the Justice Department that they are going to investigate Andrew McGuire’s… »

Car bomb found in NYC; Taliban takes credit

By Tracy R Twyman

A car bomb was found smoking in the back of an SUV in Times Square last night.

The Taliban has taken credit.

Some think this is just… »

GOP candidate’s ‘microchip an illegal’ comment draws outrage

By Tracy R Twyman

“I think we should catch ’em, we should document ’em, make sure we know where they are and where they are going. I actually support… »

Doctors sterilise Uzbek women by stealth

By Tracy R Twyman

According to human rights groups, tens of thousands of young women like Zavidova have been sterilised without their consent in the authoritarian former Soviet state… »

A Two-Class System: The Slaves and the Slavemasters

By Tracy R Twyman

As of 2008, the average federal salary was $119,982, compared with $59,909 for the average private sector employee. In other words, the average federal bureaucrat… »

Oklahoma to outlaw ‘Unauthorized Militias’

By Tracy R Twyman

A few days ago, the Oklahoma legislature voted to create a state militia separate from the National Guard, allegedly to defend the state against improper… »

GM Foods Create Sterility in the Fourth Generation

By Tracy R Twyman

Hey, GM foods must be safe. After all, we’ve all been eating them for decades now. We would notice if something was wrong, wouldn’t we?

Maybe… »

Army Trains for Battle Against Tea Party, Milititas @ Ft. Knox

By Tracy R Twyman

This week, I was contacted by a number of civilian and military personnel (enlisted and officer ranks) who expressed concern about a military exercise proposed… »

Silver market shortage as account holders demand their bullion

By Tracy R Twyman

It seems there has been a run on the silver vaults going on since Andrew Mcguire exposed the market manipulation by JP Morgan Chase and… »

Roubini joins Soros predicting imminent collapse of Eurozone

By Tracy R Twyman

Just as George Soros stated a few days ago, IMF economist Nouriel Roubini thinks the Eurozone may completely collapse within a few days. Business Insider… »

MI5 won’t allow probing of 7/7 attacks

By Tracy R Twyman

It would “impossible” to reveal secret MI5 files about the 7/7 London terror attacks, a court has been told.

The claim has been made at a… »

Spain’s Credit Rating Downgraded

By Tracy R Twyman

Europe’s debt crisis spread its contagion to another country Wednesday when a major credit agency downgraded Spain’s credit rating, even as Germany grudgingly moved closer… »

Ellen Brown on High-Frequency Trading

By Tracy R Twyman

Also called High Frequency Trading (HFT) or “black box trading,” automated program trading uses high-speed computers governed by complex algorithms (instructions to the computer) to… »

Chicago police beg military to patrol streets

By Tracy R Twyman

“Two local legislators believe extra help from the military could help curb the street violence in Chicago, as CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports.”
Could the National… »

Population controls itself as sperm counts fall

By Tracy R Twyman

Compared to other species, our ability to reproduce is severely compromised. And the government says we were all having too many children! Read this horrifying… »

GM bailout money used to pay bailout loans

By Tracy R Twyman

Are we really supposed to believe that only GM is doing this? Isn’t this part of the purpose of the bailout process (which continues to… »

Stephen Hawking stokes fears of future combat with space aliens

By Tracy R Twyman

Are space aliens the new terrorists? The whole Martian invader meme seems to be making the rounds again, just as we’re beginning to “weaponize space.”… »

DARPA’s Mach 20 Hypersonic Glider: The OTHER top secret military space vehicle launched this week

By Tracy R Twyman

Future space marines might commemorate yesterday as a historic moment, based on the coinciding launches of DARPA’s hypersonic glider and an Air Force space plane…. »

Austerity measures called “Premeditated Crime Against Greek Society”

By Tracy R Twyman

Looks like the downloads of “Austerity for Bankrupt Dummies” on all those paradropped Kindles, which Amazon was forced to do after the market did not… »

Secret robot space plane launch by US military

By Tracy R Twyman

A top secret space plane developed by the US military has blasted off from Cape Canaveral on its maiden voyage.

Billed as a small shuttle, the… »

Old movie studio to become temporary G20 jail

By Tracy R Twyman

Toronto Police will be using an old movie studio as a temporary jail in anticipation of likely arrests during protests at this June’s G20 summit,… »

Scamera 2.0: “New speed cameras trap motorists from space”

By Tracy R Twyman

A new type of speed cameras which can use satellites to measure average speed over long distances are being tested in Britain.

New speed cameras trap… »

Advocates carry handguns, rifles at Va. rally

By Tracy R Twyman

ARLINGTON, Va. – Carrying loaded pistols and unloaded rifles, dozens of gun-rights activists got as close as they could Monday to the nation’s capital while… »

» White House Caught Altering Stimulus Baseline Projection by 7 Million Jobs - Big Government

By Tracy R Twyman

The number of jobs in the U.S. is currently 129.7 million.  So to justify the Administration’s current claimof 2.8 million jobs “created or saved” by stimulus,… »

Time’s Klein: Beck, Palin Potentially Committing Sedition against U.S. Government

By Tracy R Twyman

On NBC’s April 18 “The Chris Matthews Show,” Time columnist Joe Klein all but accused former GOP vice-presidential nominee and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, along… »